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Fishing and Hunting HD is a television channel dedicated to the passion of fishing, hunting, and outdoor activities. The channel offers a wide range of programming including thrilling fishing expeditions, hunting adventures, outdoor survival tips, and informative shows about wildlife and conservation. It caters to outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, and anyone with an interest in the thrill of the hunt and the serenity of fishing. Whether it's angling for the big catch or tracking elusive game, Fishing and Hunting HD provides an immersive experience into the world of outdoor sports and wildlife.

Program TV
  • 18:30 Acum Haldorado
  • 19:00 Urmeaza Expeditii La Noi Acasa • Ep.3
  • 19:30 Pe Urmele Prazii
  • 20:00 Bucataria Vanatorilor
  • 20:30 Haldorado
  • 21:00 Ibcc 2023 • Ep.1
  • 21:30 Ibcc 2023 • Ep.2
  • 22:00 Korda
  • 22:30 Febra Vanatorii
  • 23:00 Maestrul Armurier
  • 23:30 Maestrul Armurier
  • 00:00 Rapitorii Fara Reguli
  • 00:30 The New Fly Fisher
  • 01:00 Bucataria Iubitorilor De Peste
  • 01:30 Ibcc 2023 • Ep.1
  • 02:00 Ibcc 2023 • Ep.2
  • 02:30 Korda
  • 03:00 Febra Vanatorii
  • 03:30 Maestrul Armurier
  • 04:00 Maestrul Armurier
  • 04:30 Magazin Energofish • Ep.89
  • 05:00 Teatrul Crapului
  • 05:30 Zona Carp Zoom
  • 06:00 Halmi Peter Pala
  • 06:30 Kollath Jozsef
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